Interview With Danielle Macaulay

This Friday Nov. 10th on The Breakfast Special, Sonny chats by phone with author Danielle Macaulay about her new book entitled Table Talk- Family Dinner Devos. Listen for the conversation around 7:30 AT.


New Saturday Morning Host

CVCR is pleased to welcome to our team Heather Doucet. Heather takes over the Saturday Morning Runaround from 9:00 to Noon. Great contemporary music to help you through the day.

New Gear

The CRTC requires that all broadcasters in Canada be  equipped with the Amber Alert broadcast device which will alert the public should an event of this nature occur in the valley region. We have purchased this device and it is being installed and will be ready for operation before the end of March. During installation you may hear the occasional distress call on the air as we test the system. This upgrade has chewed up an additional $3500.00 of our budget. Donations to offset the costs would be appreciated.