On Saturdays we play Contemporary Christian music until 3:00 pm and
Southern Gospel music from 3:00 pm until midnight.

09:00-12:00  “The Saturday Morning Runaround” with Heather Doucet
11:00-11:30  Paws and Tales
12:00-14:00  “20” The Countdown Magazine
15:00-18:00  “The Home Run” with Heather Doucet
15:00-15:30  Adventures in Odyssey
15:30-16:00  Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll
16:00-17:00  Focus on the Family: Weekend Magazine with Dr. Bill Maier
17:00-19:00  The Gospel Greats with Paul Heil
19:00-21:00  “Reg’s Revival” with Reg Chauvin


On Sunday’s we primarily play Southern Gospel & Traditional Christian music.

07:00-09:00  Sunday Side Up with Ray Sargent
11:00-11:30  Power From The Pulpit from Aylesford Baptist Church
14:00-14:30  Turning Point with David Jeremiah
15:00-15:30  Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll
16:00-17:00  Homecoming Radio with Bill Gaither
17:00-18:00  “Deacon Delights” with John Andrews
18:00-19:00  GospelFest Hour with Shawn Degenhart
19:00-19:30  In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
20:00-21:00  “Hymns for the Heart” with Marie Harvey
21:00-22:00  “In The Way” with John Andrews

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