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Want to express your love for CVCR? Something you’d like to hear on our station? Leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Comments left here come directly to our inbox, so we get your messages quickly.


23 thoughts on “Comments & Requests

  1. Your Christian radio station is a blessing. Trying to find good Christian music is hard to find.
    Thank you, I will be listening!!!
    God Bless you all!

  2. Wondering if you had any music by a group called “Subject 2 Change?” Love their “You can’t get no bigger than God,” “Everything’s fine” and “One More River to Cross”

  3. Heard a new song during a talk on mental health. I think they are a new band too. The song is Your Kingdom by aboutHIM. Hope to hear it again here! Thanks and more blessings!

  4. I am so excited to see that you are playing a song of Debbie Fortnum’s – You’re So Astounding. She is such a gifted pianist and the words to her songs are scriptural and worshipful. I look forward to listening to your station online and hope to hear more of her music

  5. Hi – Yesterday morning, Jan 12th, about 6:45 you played a song that the main lyrics in the chorus were ” All I need to know is God loves me” or something very similar. Maybe “All I need to know”? Who sings this and where can I get it? Great message and beautiful harmony. just what I needed at the time.


    • Hi Andrew:
      The song in question was “All I Need To Know” by The Dysart Family. It may be available on Itunes or Amazon.

  6. A song was played in the past few days, the most common words were: Amen, Give Thanks. I’ d like to know the title of this song, and what group sang it. It was fabulous. It was going to be made …..( something) for or of the Baptist church.

  7. Can you play the song Unconditionally by Katy Perry please ? It’s about loving God unconditionally I think it has a great message and I want my kids to hear it on their favorite radio station! Thanks!

  8. Just wondering how I can find out the name of a song played around 230 Sunday afternoon…it was something like “I’ll Never Let Go” maybe?

  9. Thank you so much for playing “(Old Fashioned) Holy Ghost Revival”. It is great to know our music is being broadcast in Canada and beyond! We have received hits to our website from all over the world thanks to great internet stations like yours and XM/Sirius Enlighten. God Bless you for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world!

    In Christ,
    Ernie Penley

  10. hi Radio music family,
    been listening to Gods radio station for years at work & home. Bless U all.
    the other day i heard a singer he is awesome. his words are so true & God blessed.
    where can I purchase Freddie Johnson CD?
    my email is
    Thank U for all U do-
    Blessings G.E. MacKinnon

  11. Hi
    I listen to cvcr on my computer in Florida. Sure do miss being there at the Aylesford Baptist Church, but this is the next best thing to being there. Could you please play “Why me Lord”by John Andrews. Both Wayne and I love to hear him sing that song.
    Debbie & Wayne Mailman

  12. We live in Winnipeg, MB and listen to CHVN all the time. I am pleased to see that Nova Scotians in the Valley have such a great station to listen to.

    Lorlie Williams-Marschall

  13. Just want to thank you so much for having your station available online! I’ve really been enjoying listening while I study for my exams. (I haven’t listened to your station often enough to know if you normally play this, but I am really enjoying the genre you’ve been playing this evening)

  14. Please play “Marvelous Love” or “Resound” by {la}godmusic. They’re the latest music group organized by Pastor Phil in Hollywood. They’re my new favorite. Hope you’d be able to play ’em! God bless.


  15. Hey, i want to thank you for the work you do! I love the fact that we can listen to such nice music on the radio these days. Keep it up, and may the Lord richly bless. Although I don’t like the light rock part after three.

  16. I live in Nova Scotia and I just found your Station while ‘googling’ for Christian Radio Stations. I just love VCR. Great music and I can listen to it online – Hallelujah!

  17. Howdy,

    This is Sarj from Indonesia.
    Of all Gospel broadcasts on the net, finally, yours is the one I listen to nowadays, 24/7 on my Galaxy Tab. I just leave it on day in day out, even while the phone’s charging.

    Your radio gives me strength during work and rest. And I particularly like when you program hymns and songs of praise in Country style. In fact, I feel truly blessed by ALL the programs of CVCR. What a miracle. Ça y est, you’ve done it, you’ve really kept me rejoicing for His forthcoming return!

    Bless everyone working for this radio station.
    Shalom from Indonesia

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